" The human forms and shapes the establishment of their personal environments. After that exactly this environment shapes and influences the people." (Psychology of space in a modification)

Thus, this often unconscious influence our environment has a positive effect on our lives, our being and our motivation, we should shape them consciously.
This consulting is essential by competent partners. An optimal result can only be achieved through good communication between client, architect and planner. This personal dialogue with the user is constantly to understand to some subtle nuance between words.
In our experience, this coordinationcan be very constructive, if everyone contributes with its core expertise. The client defines his wishes; possibly creative idea, in particular its objectives in terms of function, benefits and organizational processes. The architect designs drafts, which are based on these specifications. In our most successful projects we have been involved from the planning stage. Our proposals for strategic details such as borderline static, invisible as possible to revision, inconspicuous media integration, effective lighting effects, functional, and durable hardware, high quality and durable materials used optimized for the particular

purpose and meaningful sustainable surface treatment, are often considered. Thereby ideal solutions for the construction can be realized. Much of his time, Mr. Neumeister is a consultant for our customers, but also works or architects.
We are also very happy for you.


" Plans are dreams of the wise ". Ernst Freiherr von Feuchtersleben (1806 - 1849),
Austrian popular-philosopher, physician, poet and essayist

Planning is the foundation of everything we do, especially for our production. One focus of our work is the development of ideas for constructive solutions. On this basis, drawings are made with the CAD system of Vectorworks in our house. These serve as a basic element of planning - from consulting basis to final release. You will receive our 3D drawings with all necessary elevations, sections and details, and also in 3D rendering when needed - in the representation of sketching Standard to photo-realistic images. This visualization allows a clear idea of the proposed elements and is therefore an excellent basis for decision. Many of our customers and architects appreciate our drawings and planning when it comes to the perfect realization of their ideas. Take advantage of our tailor-made and careful planning.


"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere." (Albert Einstein, Physicist, 1879-1955)

"Neumeister" stands for experience and expertise in realizing upmarket interior - from consulting and planning through production to installation on site.
Individual facilities and extravagant design are implemented with the highest quality in practice. By constantly updated know-how, in modern manufacturing processes only selected high-quality materials and fine solid wood, veneer, glass, stone, stainless steel, metal, plastic and leather are used. Thereof testifying are countless facilities in marketing - suites, clinics, hotels and restaurants as well as various private residential landscapes.
The high demands to implement exclusive design with technical elegance and craftsmanship, obtained an excellent reputation among foreign clients and architects as well for the company.
We realize unusual ideas and let your visions into reality.