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„The highest reward for man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.“(John Ruskin, british writer, 1819-1900)

We not only create from your imagination. We deeply understand your ideas and think further. Therefore we rely on quality materials in surprisingly new forms, finishes and combinations inspired by our aesthetic sense. The absolute measure of our actions is the standard of quality which is maintained through generations. Apparently to make the impossible possible is our drive.
We master our craft well off the bench. Reliability, punctuality and careful planning are of course for us.
As a family business we fill these values for almost 50 years with daily life. So that each of our works at the end fulfills what is the most important to us:
Your satisfaction!

„You never win alone. On the day on which you believe something else, you start to lose.“ Mika Pauli Häkkinen, racing driver

In our troubled times, we are excited about the long-term and loyal relationship with our journeyman carpenter. Almost half of them are already working 27-46 years in our company.
Our craft business has 13 employees and is headed by the Managing Director, Mr. Jörg Neumeister, master carpenter. No matter how big your order is, no matter how challenging it is – you may always expect us to use our full power. And by every member of our team.
Of course, we have mastered the ancient crafts and traditions and understand to put them masterfully into action with modern design. The high-quality carpentry work for us and our well trained and qualified staff is always the aim and motivation to create something special.